Two Dunlap Postdocs Win Prestigious Hubble Fellowship


A sample of images from Hubble’s advanced camera for surveys. Credit: NASA and STScI.

Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellows Dr. Kathryn Neugent and Dr. Karthiek Iyer have been awarded the prestigious NASA Hubble Fellowship beginning in the fall of 2022.

The NASA Hubble Fellowship Program supports promising postdoctoral scientists to pursue research that will contribute to NASA Astrophysics.

The grant, which is administered by NASA, can be taken to any participating US institution that has the appropriate facilities to carry out the researcher’s focus. Neugent will head to Harvard University, while Iyer will be located at Colombia.

Both scientists say they are pleased with the recognition. “I’m thrilled that I’ll get to continue studying massive stars as a Hubble Fellow at Harvard,” says Neugent, “while also continuing many of the wonderful collaborations I’ve made here at the Dunlap Institute.”

Respective courtesies: Kartheik Iyer; Kathryn Neugent.

“I’m grateful for this exciting opportunity and for the support of my amazing peers and mentors,” says Iyer. “I look forward to working with a vibrant community of researchers at Columbia  and beyond.”

While at the Dunlap Institute, Iyer worked on understanding the diversity of galaxy star formation histories in a variety of cosmological simulations. Neugent focused on learning more about the chemical compositions of massive red supergiants in our own Galaxy.

Hubble Fellows can focus on any area of NASA Astrophysics –  using theory, observation, experimentation, or instrument development. Nearly 450 applicants applied for the 2022 fellowships. Each fellowship provides the awardee up to three years of support.




You can find additional information on the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program here:


For more information, contact:
Meaghan MacSween
Communications Officer, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics
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