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Values Statement



The Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto shares our university’s unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusion and respect. We are a diverse community of faculty, students, scientists, staff and visitors, who strive toward an environment for our research, teaching and learning that is professional, inclusive and collaborative, and in which everyone is treated with equity and dignity.


Excellence in Research & Learning

We commit to providing a world-class academic environment, by bringing together leading researchers and educators and by giving them access to the best facilities and ideas. This includes:

  • Conducting rigorous scholarship and influential research.
  • Providing excellent learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Supporting and encouraging academic freedom.[1]


Integrity, Professionalism & Collaboration

We commit to acting in a professional manner as individuals, in teams, and across the astronomy community, regardless of rank and role. This includes:

  • Behaving responsibly, professionally and ethically in all our work and working relationships.[2]
  • Clearly defining and communicating our expectations and standards of excellence.
  • Striving to keep our commitments to each other.
  • Helping community members maximize their potential, and ensuring that their contributions are recognized.


Diverse & Inclusive Academic Community

We commit to fostering and defending an equitable and inclusive environment. This includes:


  • Treating all scientists, students, staff and visitors equitably, regardless of age, citizenship, ethnic origin, creed, disability, family status, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or any of the other prohibited grounds as set out in the Ontario Human Rights Code.[3]
  • Welcoming and valuing the diverse backgrounds, identities and expectations of our community.
  • Identifying and developing new ways to support, engage with and learn from Indigenous peoples in our research, learning and teaching.
  • Recognizing that a diverse community strengthens our research and teaching by broadening our perspectives and approaches.
  • Working to identify and correct biases in all our admission, recruitment, promotion, and evaluation processes.


Respect & Courtesy

We commit to maintaining a collegial work environment in which we all treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect, regardless of position or status in the department, and for all our activities both on and off campus. This includes:

  • Establishing a safe and supportive workplace and learning environment, free from harassment, discrimination, bullying, physical or mental abuse, or other harmful behaviour.
  • Being respectful of others’ right to express their own points of view.
  • Acknowledging the work of administrative, technical, janitorial and other support staff who play a vital role in the successful functioning of our organisation.
  • Being constructive and professional in interacting with others and in providing feedback on their work.
  • Maintaining University-defined norms[4] of behaviour in all our activities.


[1]University of Toronto Governing Council: Statement on Freedom of Speech

[2]University of Toronto Governing Council: Policy on Ethical Conduct in Research

[3]The Ontario Human Rights Code

[4]Human Resources Guideline on Civil Conduct