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Public Outreach

The Dunlap Institute is committed to sharing astronomical discovery with everyone. We help answer your questions about the Universe through lectures, web content, social media, and free events like Astronomy on Tap T.O. We have also invited members of the public to observe astronomical phenomena with us, including the transit of Venus and the total eclipse of the super moon (pictured above).

We also help educators teach astronomy to students and children in partnership with Discover the Universe and other initiatives.

We are able to achieve our outreach goals alongside many partners, including the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, U of T Graduate Astronomy Students Association (GASA), U of T Astronomy & Space Exploration Society (ASX), U of T Science & Engineering Engagement, David Dunlap Observatory, Discover the Universe, the U of T Department of Physics, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Toronto Public Library, Visions of Science, and others.

Colour image: Lorne Bridgman