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Whispers From the Cosmos

Dr. Katie Breivik
March 26, 2020, 7:00 p.m. EDT (convert to your time zone)

Sandbox Studio Chicago and Corinne Mucha

The recent discovery of gravitational waves marks the dawn of a new field of astronomy and provides new opportunities to study several elusive systems in the Cosmos. Compact binaries, made up of pairs of stellar remnants, are difficult to observe with traditional astronomical observations, but they are the most prolific source of gravitational waves. In this edition of Cosmos From Your Couch, we’ll do a light-speed intro of General Relativity, gravitational waves, and what we’ve learned from the 12 gravitational-wave detections to date!

There will be lots of time allowed for questions.

Join us for this livestream on our YouTube page.





March 26, 2020