Diversity & Equity

The Dunlap Institute is strongly committed to the principles of diversity and equity. The Dunlap Diversity Committee exists to strongly uphold these principles within the Dunlap Institute, and to support diversity and equity initiatives throughout the University of Toronto astronomy community.

The committee consists of representatives from across the institute, including undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and Fellows, staff, and faculty.

The committee’s activities include:

* Running training sessions to promote a healthy workplace environment. Recent workshop topics have included mental health, impostor syndrome, LGBTQ anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, work-life balance, and microaggressions.
* Creating a Values Statement.
* Producing guidelines for ensuring that the principles of diversity and equity are respected in the hiring of Dunlap postdocs and Fellows.
* Bimonthly DiversiTeas, during which external guests are invited to make presentations to Dunlap members on issues such as creating LGBTQ+ positive spaces, gender equity, and mental health.>
* Sending members to the Inclusive Astronomy conference and acting on their feedback.

Dunlap members with concerns about diversity or equity issues are welcome to contact the entire committee by e-mailing ddc@dunlap.utoronto.ca, or by contacting the following committee members individually:

* Dr. Michael Reid (mike.reid@utoronto.ca), committee chair, faculty member

Other important resources include:

* The University of Toronto Office of the Ombudsperson website
* The Conflict Resolution Centre (for graduate students) website
* The Health and Wellness Centre website
* The Good2Talk anonymous counselling hotline website