Dr. Elliot Meyer

Elliot’s  research interests include exoplanets, galaxies and instrumentation.

He worked with Shelley Wright on her Near-Infrared Optical SETI program (NIROSETI) which saw first light in January 2015. Elliot investigated aspects of the program, such as a preferred wavelength at which to search, and is also helped to choose the detectors in preparation for assembly of the instrument in 2013.

For a number of years, he is been working with Prof. Dae-Sik Moon and Prof. Suresh Sivanandam on the development of WIFIS, the Wide Integral-Field Infrared Spectrograph. In May 2017, Moon, Sivanandam and Meyer installed and commissioned the instrument on the 2.3-metre Bok Telescope at the Steward Observatory in Arizona. WIFIS will be used to observe extended objects such as colliding galaxies, stellar nurseries and supernovae remnants.

Supervisor: Prof. Dae-Sik Moon