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Dr. Jason Grunhut

Jason’s research mainly focuses on trying to understand the origin, evolution and properties of large-scale magnetic fields in higher-mass stars through the use of high-resolution spectropolarimetry. Additionally, he is interested in the effects of magnetic fields on the circumstellar environment of stars, including how they shapes the stellar winds and the consequences for exoplanet habitability.

Jason is a integral member of two large collaborations conducting a polarimetric survey of massive stars (Magnetism in Massive Stars – MiMeS) and a polarimetric study of binary stars (Binary and Magnetic Interactions in various classes of Stars – BinaMIcS).

Jason is also interested in infrared spectroscopy. At the Dunlap Institute, he is working with Prof. Suresh Sivanandam on the Wide Integral Field Infrared Spectrograph (WIFIS).

Jason received his PhD from Queen’s University in Kingston in 2012, and was most recently a Postdoctoral Fellow before becoming the Project Scientist for the CRIRES+ upgrade project, at ESO in Germany. He joined the Dunlap Institute in July 2016.

Jason left the Dunlap on December 15, 2017.