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Dr. Dongwoo Chung

Dongwoo works on tracing the history of star formation and molecular gas across the first several billion years of cosmic history. In particular, Dongwoo is part of several experiments employing the technique of line-intensity mapping, tracing the implied three-dimensional large-scale distribution of galaxies through fluctuations in the total cosmic emission in specific atomic or molecular lines.

Dongwoo’s PhD thesis work at Stanford encompassed instrumentation, observation, and theory development for the CO Mapping Array Project (COMAP) Pathfinder. Dongwoo also worked on simulations relevant to intensity mapping with the [C II] singly ionised carbon line, which is a key project of the CCAT-prime observatory. Since starting as a CITA-Dunlap fellow in November 2020, Dongwoo has continued working with the COMAP and CCAT-prime teams, and joined the TIME collaboration as an active contributor to instrument operations and data analysis.

Leveraging methods for approximate cosmological simulations developed at CITA, Dongwoo continues to investigate new statistical analyses that could be applied to the rich spectroscopic imaging datasets that all of these line-intensity mapping experiments will yield in the coming years.

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