WISH – Wide-field Imaging Surveyor for High-redshift

WISH is a concept being developed and will be proposed for Japanese JAXA/ISAS future space science mission whose primary goal is to study the first-generation of the galaxies beyond the epoch of Cosmic Reionization at z=8-15 as well as to conduct an extensive search and light curve monitoring of high redshift type-Ia SNe at z=0-2 to study the accurate history of the cosmic expansion and Dark Energy.

WISH has a telescope with the primary mirror with 1.5-m diameter and the wide-field NIR camera with the field of view of 850 arcmin^2, and is dedicated for very deep and wide-area sky survey at the wavelength of 1-5 micron (NIR). The key survey is in 5-6 broad band filters with 28AB and 100 deg^2, which is combined with relatively shallow wider survey, as well as with the extremely deep drilling survey.

WISH should be a very powerful and unique facility in many other fields in astronomy as well. In this talk, Prof. Toru Yamada will introduce the current status, science cases, international collaboration, and future prospects of the WISH project.

Prof. Yamada is currently a professor at the Astronomical Institute at Tohoku University and works in the field of galaxy formation and evolution.

1994 Ph.D.: Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1994 – 1996: Special Researcher, RIKEN (Institute for Physical and Chemical Research)
1996 – 2000: Research Associate, Astronomical Intitute, Tohoku University
2000 – 2007: Associate Professor, National Astronomical Observatory; Subaru Telescope, Associate Director (2006-2007)
2007 – present: Professor, Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University
2013 – present: Vice President, National Astronomical Society of Japan
2011 – present: JAXA/ISAS Space Science Committee