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Discover the Universe

Discover the Universe and the Dunlap Institute are partners in offering and developing free training and resources to educators teaching astronomy across the country. Training and resources include workshops and webinars, as well as teaching modules and activities.

Workshops are based on the school curriculum and include classroom activities, teaching resources and tips on how to teach astronomy in a fun and innovative way. They are typically three-week programs which include a weekly webinar.

Other webinars help educators at different levels understand and teach a variety of topics in astronomy—from the Sun and eclipses, to Solar System objects, to more advanced topics like gravitational waves.

Discover the Universe was launched in 2011 by professional and amateur astronomers across Canada as a legacy program of the International Year of Astronomy in 2009.

Discover the Universe also receives funding from the Canadian Astronomical Society. Partners include the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Federation des astronomes amateurs du Québec.

For details and to register for workshops, webinars and updates, visit Discover the Universe.

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