Our Galactic Home: The Milky Way Galaxy

Dr. Gwendolyn Eadie

April 30th, 2020, 7:00 p.m. EDT (convert to your time zone)

Have you ever been to a place with almost zero light pollution, and seen the beautiful band of stars that spans across the night sky? The feeling of awe at this sight can be moving — it’s no wonder artists around the world love to photograph it! But what exactly is this band of stars and what does it tell us about where we are in the Galaxy, and in the universe? Join Prof. Eadie for a discussion about our Galaxy, from its spiral arms to its stellar halo, to its central black hole… and even its dark matter!  Together, let’s take a virtual tour of our shared Galactic home — the Milky Way!

Join us for this livestream on our YouTube page.





April 30, 2020