Lecture: The Lives of Stars

PIA10181cropHave you ever wondered where stars came from? What are stars, exactly, and how are they made?

In this talk at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill, Dunlap Lecturer and Public Outreach Co-ordinator Micheal Reid tells the story of how stars are born, live and die.

This cycle has been playing out for nearly 14 billion years, but much of it is still a mystery. Stars form shrouded in clouds of gas and dust so thick that it’s hard for us to see what’s happening. When they die, they die so quickly it can be hard to catch them in the act.

Using the latest images from space telescopes such as the Hubble, Spitzer and Herschel, Reid tells the story of the stellar life-cycle in pictures.

For complete information and to book tickets, visit the website of the David Dunlap Observatory.

David Dunlap Observatory
Richmond Hill

July 13, 2013