Dark Matter Day

Dark matter is puzzling. We can’t see or touch it, but we believe it makes up about 85% of the matter in the Universe. Canadian astronomers are at the forefront of the search for the true nature of this elusive substance.

Join us on Monday, October 23rd for an evening of fascinating talks in celebration of Dark Matter Day. From the first evidence for dark matter in distant galaxies to cutting-edge tools for detecting dark matter right here on Earth, this is your chance to find out what dark matter is, why it matters, and how we’ll find it.

The Dunlap Institute will be joining forces with the CPARC team at Queen’s University, TRIUMF, and the SNOLAB, to bring you two simultaneous events—one at U of T, the other at Queen’s—with four amazing scientists. Each location will feature live speakers, streamed to the other venue, as well as others from their laboratories deep underground!

This is a free event and is open to the general public.

For full details and speakers list, visit universe.

Earth Sceinces Buildiung, Room 1050, University of Toronto
5 Bancroft Avenue
Toronto, ON

October 23, 2017

Event time: 8:00pm