Prof. Suresh Sivanandam

Suresh Sivanandam studies the formation and evolution of galaxies in clusters. One focus of his research is a cluster’s halo of gas and how it interacts with the gas in individual galaxies.

Another is a spectroscopic survey of nearby galaxies to see if their stellar populations differ significantly from predictions. The survey will be conducted with a unique instrument Sivanandam and his collaborators are currently building: the Wide Integral-Field Infrared Spectrograph, or WIFIS, destined for Kitt Peak Observatory.

In addition to WIFIS, Sivanandam is a key member in many instrument projects, including a Micro-Shutter Array, Multi-Object Spectrograph, or MSAMOS. He is Principal Investigator for near-IR Arctic sky brightness measurements. He is also helping to lead Thirty Meter Telescope instrumentation development in Canada.

Sivanandam became an Assistant Professor at the Dunlap Institute in 2015.


In September 2017, Sivanandam was interviewed about the role the Dunlap and U of T played in advancing his career.