Elliot Meyer

Elliot is a fourth-year, PhD-candidate graduate student who received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Toronto. His research interests include exoplanets, galaxies and instrumentation.

He worked with Shelley Wright on her Near-Infrared Optical SETI program (NIROSETI) which saw first light in January 2015. Elliot investigated aspects of the program, such as a preferred wavelength at which to search, and is also helped to choose the detectors in preparation for assembly of the instrument in 2013.

For a number of years, he is been working with Prof. Dae-Sik Moon and Prof. Suresh Sivanandam on the development of WIFIS, the Wide Integral-Field Infrared Spectrograph. In May 2017, Moon, Sivanandam and Meyer installed and commissioned the instrument on the 2.3-metre Bok Telescope at the Steward Observatory in Arizona. WIFIS will be used to observe extended objects such as colliding galaxies, stellar nurseries and supernovae remnants.

Supervisor: Prof. Dae-Sik Moon