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Dr. Ziggy Pleunis

Ziggy’s research focuses on the detection and characterization of fast radio bursts. It is his ambition to unravel the origins of these extragalactic transients and to develop their use as astrophysical tools to better understand the Universe at large. He is mainly a radio astronomer, but has a broad experience across wavelengths, having led and collaborated in studies on pulsars and fast radio bursts using data collected with the CHIME, LOFAR, Arecibo, Green Bank, Fermi and optical telescopes.

He is a member of the CHIME/FRB Collaboration and has helped to design, build, and commission the CHIME/FRB experiment during his PhD at McGill University. He is also part of the team that has discovered the lowest-frequency millisecond pulsars and fast radio bursts with the LOFAR telescope.

Ziggy joined the Dunlap Institute in September 2021 and is planning to continue to use and improve the instruments mentioned above to open new and exciting opportunities in understanding the enigma of fast radio bursts.

You can access his personal page, here:

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