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Dr. Yingyi Song

Yingyi’s main research interest lies in observational astronomy, especially spectral analysis and kinematics of stellar populations and resolved stellar systems. He worked on measuring chemo-dynamical properties of individual stars, either in nearby dwarf galaxies or in their star clusters, and using these properties to study dynamical evolution of both dwarf galaxies and star clusters.

Yingyi’s other interests include high-resolution and Integral Field Unit (IFU) spectroscopy, stellar population synthesis and galactic dynamics. He also developed a real-time extraction GUI software for a new IFU instrument (IFU-M) designed for use on the Magellan/Clay telescope.

At the Dunlap Institute and DADDAA, he is working with Prof. Jo Bovy on the scientific exploitation of the SDSS-VI and upcoming SDSS-V data. As a member of the SDSS-V collaboration, he also contributes to the development of spectroscopic data reduction and abundance analysis pipeline for the Milky Way Mapper (MWM).

Yingyi completed his PhD at the University of Michigan in 2020, working with Prof. Mario Mateo. He joined Dunlap/DADDAA in September 2021.