User Stories (Public)

This page keeps a list of newly contributed User Stories for CIRADA.

Each story is a description of how an end-user wants to gain value from the products that CIRADA will be delivering. Not all stories appearing on this page will be satisfied as part of CIRADA. They will be vetted and ranked by the appropriate people/groups for potential work.

A user story is typically written in the form:

As a <role>, I want to <desire>, so that <benefit>.


Here are a couple non-CIRADA examples:

USEXAMP.1As a project team member, I want to access all project-related documents in one place, so that I don't have to search multiple sources or look through my old emails to find a document. This feature would save me so much time when I'm preparing for a meeting or looking for a quick answer to a question I might have while I'm working.Lost Lenny
USEXAMP.2As a concerned parent who likes to track her teenager's location, I want to know the current battery life of my child's phone, so that I know approximately how much time she has left to receive or send messages before her phone dies. GPS-tracking is great, but this new feature would be a great add-on to my monitoring. Our family just went through an episode where this feature would've been very helpful.Nosy Nancy

More templates and examples can be found here.

Note that a user story does not give specifics around how a user would interact with the software/hardware or which technologies should be used. Once certain user stories have been deemed worthwhile to pursue for CIRADA, the time and effort put into creating detailed Use Cases will be invested. A general description of the differences between a user story and a use case can be found here.

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