CIRADA - The Canadian Initiative

for Radio Astronomy Data Analysis

CIRADA is converting the enormous raw data streams from next-generation telescopes into sophisticated digital databases that astronomers can use to make new discoveries. These advanced data products can be used to open a unique window into catastrophic cosmic explosions, to map magnetism throughout the Universe, to reveal the evolution of galaxies over billions of years, and to study the overall process by which the Universe's supply of gas is gradually converted into stars. In addition, developing this infrastructure is allowing us to train the next generation of Canadian radio astronomers, and will establish the Canadian capacity needed to participate in the forthcoming billion-dollar Square Kilometre Array. We will publicly release all our data products, catalogues and tools to create opportunities for scientists to make other discoveries from our data. This will help ensure full value from the $290M investment (including $40M in Canadian contributions) that has been made in these telescopes.