Square Kilometre Array

Dr. Jeff Wagg, Square Kilometre Array
Monday, 21 July, noon – AB Lounge

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be the world’s largest observatory for studying the Universe at long radio wavelengths. Work is currently underway to finalize the detailed design of phase I, involving more than 350 scientists and engineers from around the world and with Canada playing a leading role. I will give an overview of the baseline design describing phase I of the SKA and an update on the current status and timeline.

Dr. Jeff Wagg is an SKA project scientist at the SKA headquarters in Jodrell Bank, UK. He did his undergraduate degree in physics and astronomy at the University of Victoria before completing a PhD at INAOE (Mexico) and the Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (USA). He was a Max-Planck/NRAO Fellow at the Very Large Array operations center in Socorro, NM, before moving to Chile as an ESO Fellow working with the ALMA commissioning team. His final year of the ESO Fellowship was spent at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University.