Section 1:

Detecting and characterizing exo-planets via direct imaging; B. Biller

The Planets Around Low-Mass Stars (PALMS) high-contrast imaging survey; B. Bowler

The international Deep Planet Survey; R. Galicher

SEEDS: Strategic Explorations of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru; M. Tamura

Results of the NaCo large program; A. Vigan

Section 2:

Observing the hallmarks of planet formation; S. Andrews

The VLTi/PIONIER survey of TTauri disks of the southern hemisphere; F. Anthonioz

TW Hydrae: Multi-wavelength interferometry of a transition disk; J. Menu

Observational signatures of the CO snow line in disks; C. Qi

High-contrast LBTAO images of debris disks at 2-4 μm; T. Rodigas

HST imaging of new edge-on circumstellar disks in nearby star-forming regions; K. Stapelfeldt

Section 3:

Planetesimal formation by gravitational instability; E. Chiang

Zooming in on star and protoplanetary disk formation; A. Nordlund

The protoplanetary disk HD164192; M. Osorio

Section 4:

Disk inhomogeneities & the origins of planetary system architectures and observational properties; Y. Hasegawa

Orbital motion and multi-wavelength monitoring of LkCa15b; M. Ireland

HST/STIS imaging of Fomalhaut: New main belt structure and confirmation of Fomalhaut b’s eccentric orbit; P. Kalas

exo-Zodi & exo-Earths; G. Kennedy

Clues to disk structure from the distribution of giant planets; R. Murray-Clay

Section 5:

Properties of the gas giant planet β Pictoris b; M. Bonnefoy

Additional Keplerian signals in the HARPS data for Glieses 667C from a Bayesian re-analysis; P. Gregory

Planets and stellar activity: Hide and seek in the CoRoT-7 system; R. Haywood

The shocking variability of exoplanet transits; J. Llama

High-contrast imaging of exoplanet beta Pictoris b with Magellan AO; K. Morzinski_5.07

Unveiling a Neptunian atmosphere through transit photometry; V. Nascimbeni

A decade-and-a-half of Anglo-Australian planet searching; C. Tinney

Section 6:

Detailed model of the exo-zodiacal disk of Fomalhaut and its origin; J. Augereau

A resolved millimeter emission belt in the AU Mic debris disk; M. MacGregor

Signpost of multiple planets in debris disks; K. Su

Debris disks as components of extrasolar planetary systems; M. Wyatt

Section 7:

A possible origin of compact systems of hot super Earths; C. Cossou

Section 8:

Archaeology of extrasolar terrestrial planetary systems; J. Farihi