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Victoria is an attractive, modestly-sized city on Vancouver Island that is easily walkable and enjoys excellent summer weather. June is typically sunny with temperatures that peak around 300 K.

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and a popular international tourist destination. Visitor attractions include whale-watching, wine tours, the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and the Butchart Gardens, a world heritage site.

Victoria is easily accessible through Victoria International Airport, recently voted one of the 10 most visitor-friendly airports in the world. Visitors can also fly into Vancouver or Seattle, then travel on to Victoria by ferry or seaplane.

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BC is an outdoor enthusiasts dream, with abundant options throughout the province in the summer for camping, boating, surfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, kayaking and biking. Vancouver Island is no exception. Seasoned hikers can explore the West Coast Trail (reservations required), while many option abound for those less-experienced.

The following are just some of the options available on Vancouver Island for those planning to explore beyond the Victoria region:

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Photo: Tourism Victoria


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Photo: Tourism Victoria; Image Bank