Robert Main

Robert Main is a fourth-year PhD student. He began his studies at the University of Waterloo, graduating with a BSc in Mathematical Physics in 2012, and a Master’s in Physics in 2014. He is currently working with Prof. Ue-Li Pen and Prof. Marten van Kerkwijk on radio observations of pulsars, where he is trying to develop and apply the techniques of pulsar scintillometry.

Radio light from pulsars is scattered in the interstellar medium, resulting in multiple images on the sky, and an observed interference pattern in time and frequency. This interference pattern has resolution comparable to a telescope the size of the Solar System, and can be harnessed to perform incredibly high-precision measurements of pulsars. Robert is working on applying this method to map the emission locations of pulsars, and solve for the masses of pulsars in binaries.

Supervisor Prof. Ue-Li Pen