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Prof. Michael Reid

Michael Reid is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream and Public Outreach Coordinator for the Dunlap Institute.

As a lecturer, Reid’s duties include teaching one of the largest undergraduate astronomy classes in the world. In March 2015, he was named one of four winners of the U of T Early Career Teaching Award for “exceptional commitment to student learning, pedagogical engagement and teaching innovation.”

As Public Outreach Coordinator, Reid leads the effort to fulfill the institute’s mandate of sharing astronomical discovery with the public. Among many other accomplishments, he led the teams that organized the 2012 Transit of Venus at Varsity Stadium event and the 2013 U of T Toronto Science Festival.

Reid is motivated by his belief that public outreach helps create a scientifically literate society, improves public perception of science and is simply a lot of fun. And if, as Carl Sagan said, science is a candle in the dark, then according to Reid, “science outreach hands out the candles.”

He is Chair of the Canadian Astronomical Society’s Education and Outreach Committee as well as the National Outreach Contact for the International Astronomical Union. He speaks on science outreach and education at conferences around the world, is a TEDxUofT Fellow, and makes frequent appearances in the media.

In addition, Reid conducts his own research into the formation of massive stars.