Javier Romualdez

Javier Romualdez is a fourth-year PhD. student at the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). He received his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering: Space Systems Design from Carleton University. His research interests cover non-linear dynamic modelling and simulation for autonomous payloads, precise attitude determination and control systems (ADCS) for payload stabilization, and non-linear control/estimation schemes for robotic/autonomous systems. He is currently working on the real-time pointing stabilization and control for the Balloon-borne Imaging Testbed (BIT) in the Balloon Astronomy Group with Barth Netterfield.
Supervisors: Prof. Christopher Damaren (UTIAS), Prof. Barth Netterfield (Department of Astronomy)
Research Interests:
  • non-linear control system design
  • precise attitude determination and control systems (ADCS)
  • non-linear dynamic modelling and simulation
  • control/estimation schemes for robotic systems