Dr. Dustin Lang

Dustin is a Senior Research Associate working on data analysis for a family of imaging surveys including the Dark Energy Camera Legacy Survey. This public survey will cover approximately 6,000 square degrees in g, r and z bands to 2 magnitudes deeper than SDSS. The data have no proprietary period and the team are making frequent public data releases. These data are currently being classified by citizen-scientist volunteers at galaxyzoo.org

Dustin is interested in principled and probabilistic data analysis, in particular for large imaging surveys. He created the Astrometry.net code that can automatically recognize and calibrate astronomical images. He also works on data from the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission, and a code for measuring astronomical images through forward modeling (theTractor.org).

Dustin received his PhD from the U of T computer science department, and was most recently the McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon. He joined the Dunlap Institute in September 2015.

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